Company Disclaimer

$15 per month

​No setup fee

$50 per month includes 25GB of storage

No per mailbox fee
No setup fee

​Allows archiving of all Incoming and Outgoing email.

The company administrator can view all emails inside of outlook and can specify retention using standard outlook rules and which mailboxes are mirrored.

Common Add-Ons

Exchange Mailbox

$100 per month includes unlimmited storage

$5 to $20 per mailbox per month
No setup fee

Pricing is dependent on industry and/or individual requirements

Allows official archiving (i.e. reporting via subpoena, etc.) of all Incoming and Outgoing email.

The company administrator can view email via an encrypted and secure website and can specify which mailboxes are archived.

Additional top-level public folder (1 included)

$10 per month

​No setup fee

Other add-ons

Compliance Archiving

  • Encrypted Messaging
  • Fax Via Email
  • Good Mobile Messaging Services
  • Outlook Backup
  • Sharepoint Services
  • ​Microsoft Office Communication Server Integration
  • Microsoft Lync Secure Integration
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server Integration
  • Many more

POP / IMAP mailbox

$40 per month includes 10 mailboxes with 1GB storage each

$3 per month for each additional mailbox
$20 setup fee

Message Mirror

Billed at normal hourly rates

Expect approximately 1/2 hour per mailbox

Blackberry device

$10 per device per month

$5 setup fee

Migration Service



by Innovative Concepts, Inc.

As always, Innovative Concepts support technicians are available to help with

  • Microsoft Outlook (PC and Mac)
  • Network Support
  • Smart phone support
  • General Support


$10 per mailbox per month with 25GB of storage each

$1 per GB for additional storage
$20 setup / license fee

Included with each mailbox:

  • Outlook license included for ALL machines used
  • Outlook Web Access (webmail)
  • Works with iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry
  • Active Directory Sync
  • Central SPAM Stopper​